In the you have spent here, of e-waste has been recycled by Karo Sambhvav.

Karo Sambhav is a cohesive E-waste movement. It is a call to each and every stakeholder to come, participate, engage and inspire others to do the right thing.
-Pranshu Singhal (Founder, Karo Sambhav)

Our Story

Karo Sambhav translates into ‘Make Possible’ and we as India's leading Producer responsibility organisation(PRO) are steering the way e-waste is managed in this country by putting accountability, transparency and trust in the system.

We are working countrywide with producers and globally trusted brands like Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo and HMD to implement their Extended Producer Responsibility(EPR), helping close their material loop. From making robust EPR plans to staying compliant throughout, from running awareness campaigns to setting up collection channels, collecting waste and sending it for responsible recycling, we always make sure that our producers get the most comprehensive and accountable EPR service in India.

At the heart of Karo Sambhav's approach is our relentless conviction to create inclusive, sustainable, scalable and transparent systems for e-waste handling in India, that creates equitable opportunity and fair value for every stakeholders in the value chain. Our innovative and data backed tech platform, along with our country wide grassroot driven ecosystem connects all the stakeholders into an integrated formalised e-waste management chain and is enabling waste management into an environmentally conscious and sustainable industry.

We are present across 29 states and 3 union territories in India through various initiatives. In the first year of our operations, we have successfully collected and sent over 3000 MTs for responsible recycling. Through our programmes we have engaged over 500+ Bulk Consumers, 1500+ Schools, 5000+ Informal Sector Waste Pickers and Aggregators, 800+ Repair Shops across the country.

Partnering with us in our initiative is the International Finance Corporation (IFC) which is part of the World Bank group. Together we are setting up a robust India-wide transformative solution on e-waste management with the aim of making recycling a way of life.

Karo Sambhav is also a part of the 12th cohort of Microsoft ScaleUp programme designed for startups offering a single point of entry to engage with Microsoft through a broad-based and holistic approach.


Karo Sambhav is driven by fairness, trust, accountability and a strong passion to bring a paradigm shift in e-waste (waste) management in India. We have started with e-waste and harbour ambitions to apply our learnings, practices and systems to cover varieties of waste categories. Karo Sambhav is affecting an attitudinal change cross-sectionally in the society and endeavors to bring a culture of responsible and cohesive waste management as a way of life.

When achieved, our success will look like:

  1. People asking questions about e-waste(waste)
  2. People taking ownership of their e-waste(waste)
  3. People making responsible decisions

Our Objectives

    • Drive long-term behavioural shifts in the society on circular economy
    • Create collection channels at a grass-root level while generating sustainable livelihoods
    • Achieve collection targets & drive accountability in the e-waste management industry

Our Alliances

Our alliances with players across the value chain have been instrumental in our journey in creating a cohesive e-waste movement.

In the first two years of our operations, we have successfully collected
and sent over 6000 MTs of e-waste for responsible recycling. #EwasteRecycleKaro.