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E - waste

Setting up an industry-first PRO solution.

E-Waste Rules in India have pioneered the concept of EPR. With collective expertise of global brands and in-depth knowledge of the Indian waste ecosystem, Karo Sambhav created a unique platform that fosters good governance in the sector.

Together with over 40+ technology brands, we have created a collection ecosystem that is diverse, traceable and has strong auditing mechanisms across the entire waste value chain. Our e-waste programmes cover the entire country, are scalable and ensure complete traceability of material movement.


Thought leaders

16 MN+ kg

E - waste collected
Sectoral priorities
Develop and diversify collection channels
Introduce industry-leading, global standards like WEEELabex across the value chain
Achieve year-on-year cost efficiencies for long-term producer partners
Establish hyper-local collection infrastructure
Implement innovative awareness programmes with new audiences
Devise benchmarks for legitimate dismantling and recycling operations

Plastic waste

Creating a win win platform

Incubated by members of PACE, the Karo Sambhav - Closing Material Loops project aims to direct all recyclable materials away from the landfill by 2025. 30 leading FMCG brands came together to form India’s first producer-governed and owned PRO.

The consortium will leverage Karo Sambhav’s EPR framework and technology to reclaim the value of plastics, introduce traceability in supply chains and enable scale. By demonstrating radical transparency, Karo Sambhav is bringing forth true cost of EPR compliance to the boardrooms and C-Suite conversations.


Thought leaders

300 MN+ kg

Total target of PACE Members
Sectoral priorities
Create a pan-india system for plastic waste management
Establish a non-compete, win-win platform for members
Catalyse innovation in post-consumer plastic waste management
Strengthen awareness on plastic waste management
Create infrastructure suitalbe for multiple waste types
Devise benchmarks for legitimate dismantling and recycling operations

Battery waste

Decoding EPR before the rules

In tandem with E-waste, batteries are expected to be a fast-growing waste stream. While the legislation is expected to mirror the E-Waste Rules, this sector is being given an increased focus due to its strategic role in facilitating India’s transition to clean energy systems.

So far, India has not been able to sufficiently leverage responsible recycling of batteries for lead production due to the existing informal systems. The Indian Battery Manufacturers Association approached Karo Sambhav with an ambition to design and pilot an EPR framework that is sustainable in the Indian context.


Market share of IBMA members

197 MN kg

of battery waste produced in India
Sectoral priorities
Creating an EPR & PRO framework for battery waste
Developing collection channels within the dealer ecosystem
Ecosystem development to catalyse innovation and value creation at different stages of the supply chain
Creating an auditable supply chair for battery waste
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