Safe and efficient battery recycling

Introducing technology-powered turnkey solutions to repurpose and recycle end-of-life batteries.

We are developing an innovative tech-enabled recycling process to streamline and implement sustainable waste management solutions for reactive and spent batteries.

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Providing maximal support to ensure sustainable, environment-friendly, and cost-competitive EPR battery waste management initiatives.
We implement emission-free technology to recover and recycle multiple types of batteries.

How Recycling Works

Batteries are at the core of every equipment we use. Thus, when a battery reaches the end of its life cycle, it is not waste but a promising source of high-quality raw materials. Karo Sambhav offers sustainable battery waste recycling measures and turnkey services conforming to technical standards and stringent EPR regulations. The organisation collects, segregates, dismantles, and refurbishes batteries to create a circular economy.

Battery Collection from Multiple Sources

Offering tech-enabled collection centres that hoard a continuous supply of end-of-life batteries. We offer cutting-edge infrastructure in adherence to the battery waste rules to avoid landfilling and incineration of batteries.

Battery Packs and Modules Sorting

Lithium-ion or lead-acid - batteries come in various forms, shapes and types. We implement modular equipment and state-of-the-art technology to process and segregate the components in batteries, ensuring minimal environmental impacts.

Cell + Module Testing & Sorting

Battery cells are rigorously tested to evaluate and distinguish usable cells from dead and non-usable ones. Besides, a usable battery has a good amount of life left to be successfully refurbished and employed as a 2nd life battery. The discharged and run-down batteries are dropped off for valuable resource recovery.

According to Argonne National Laboratory, the used lithium-ion battery market is anticipated to reach 7 million tonnes annually by 2040.


  • Safe: batteries are handled automatically – no manual dismantling required
  • Low GHG emissions
  • Small-capacity plants: local deployment minimizes transportation and the complex logistics of transporting hazardous waste

Circular Economy

  • Profitable
  • Produces high-purity materials
  • Recycles 95% of electric vehicle battery components

Disruptive Technology

  • Combines innovative hydrometallurgy-based processes
  • Make it possible to recycle all types of lithium-ion batteries

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