we empower enterprises to close their material loops. set your circularity goals, decode EPR compliances and create robust collection programmes with us.

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EPR Design

Decode, Design And Pilot EPR For Your Industry

We leverage our knowledge capital and industry expertise to design programs that are sustainable, inclusive, and scalable. We aim to demonstrate radical transparency with our partners through voluntary data sharing and knowledge development activities that further the collective advancement of the industry.
EPR Compliance Management

Meet Compliances. Create Impact.

Our EPR programs cut across sectors to strengthen the value chain of multiple waste streams. these programs are designed to deliver on sector-specific compliances while leveraging our engagements across the value chain. Our processes are end-to-end enabled by technology and monitored by multi-step audits.
Gain a head-start on your circular economy transition by identifying the right fit EPR programs for you.
Awareness Programmes

Consume Better. Consume Wiser.

Karo Sambhav’s awareness programs surpass the industry norms and pure compliance benchmarks. We ensure that our awareness programs include sustained engagement and clear call-to-actions for consumers who want to responsibly recycle their waste.

Our flagship programs for schools and the coveted International E-Waste Day are implemented year after year to drive behaviour change.
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Collection Infrastructure

Maximum Collection. Maximum Reach.

Karo Sambhav has collection centers and collection channels in 30+ Indian states and UTs. Our employees in each state are equipped with the infrastructure, expertise, and market in-roads to ensure that waste collected by Karo Sambhav is diverse and closer to the source.

Through a mix of collection centers, door-to-door pick-ups, and consumer engagements, our producer partners can showcase localized impact to State Pollution Control Boards, while supporting the development of diversified collect
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Ecosystem Development

Help Build The Circular Economy Ecosystem

Through strategic projects and engagements, Karo Sambhav has brought together disparate players into the conversation about circular economy and EPR. Ecosystem enablers and alliances catalyze innovation, incubate creative solutions, and offer the space for experimentation and rapid learning.

Projects typically focus on capacity building, awareness program delivery, development of standards, driving intersectional approaches to waste, and convening organizations that advocate for ethical and sustainable EPR models.
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Technology Platform

Grassroot + Expertise + Technology = Impact

Through our inception, Karo Sambhav has utilized technology to complement on-ground operations. By combining our expertise on EPR with technology tools like Microsoft Azure, we identified key processes that can be automated, the insights that can be generated, and the impact that can be measured through the Karo Sambhav App.

The App is waste stream agnostic and acts as a multi-stakeholder platform while providing key data sets for decision-makers. We extend this service to global agencies working to advance circular economy in their countries.

Close The Loop.

Through its partnership with the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), Karo Sambhav has established a model e-waste dismantling unit and a material recovery facility.

The goal?

To determine benchmarks for legitimate operations and financial sustainability of such units, while creating a glasshouse-effect for the sector at large. These units are a critical part of closing material loops by creating end-to-end auditable chains for secondary materials. The project especially caters to the formalization of the informal sector by transitioning them to green jobs, as well as providing multi-material compliance management to bulk consumers.
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Secondary Materials

Produce Better. With Less.

Karo Sambhav can help accelerate your race to net-zero by procuring secondary materials that come from auditable and clean supply chains.

From fair working conditions to impact programs with various actors- each aspect at every stage of the material movement is tracked, monitored, and evaluated to ensure that brands can procure raw materials which are good for people and the planet.

Going Beyond What’s Possible.

Karo Sambhav implements projects which serve the larger goals of sustainable development and circular economy. Through research and consulting outputs, we drive progressive trends in the sector and keep raising the bar.

Our work is sector agnostic and extends to all members of the value chain which have a stake in enabling the circular economy.
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