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Drop-off Program –
Glass Bottles And Jars Only

Glass waste recycling is a need of the hour, especially because glass cannot decompose naturally. We establish collection centres and robust infrastructure to amass, segregate, and recover glass for further use. Head over to our collection centres to drop off beverage and food bottles, glass jars, perfume carboys, candles, and more. Also, avoid dropping-off glasses that cannot be recycled, such as decorative glasses, ceramics, colourful and mixed glasses, etc.

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Construction/demolition – Frameless Window Glass

Normally, glass is 100% recyclable. However, certain glasses are difficult to recover and are often down-cycled into construction materials. Tempered glass and window glasses, for instance, are completely non-recyclable, owing to their chemical properties. Karo Sambhav is dedicated to streamlining glass waste management by crushing, blending, melting, and refurbishing recyclable glass pellets for newer use. Kindly contact us to learn more about the collection, treatment, and recovery of glass waste.

Tempered windows

Heat-resistant glasses, also known as Pyrex

Auto glass

Laminated glass

How it works

01 Collection of Glass

Drop off your glass waste in any of our authorized collection centres. We sort glasses based on their composition and colour to facilitate quick and easy recycling.

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02 Picking & Cleaning

The composition of glasses varies. Thus, we segregate glass waste, clean and reprocess the glass waste in repressors for maximum recovery.

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